Free Sports Nutrition Clinic this evening

Fueling the Body for Performance and Repair

Sponsored by the Grayslake Running Club
Thursday July 15th @ 7PM
Lindenhurst Health and Fitness Center

Are YOU getting the most out of your workout?

Come learn what you can do for you and your family to get your nutrition under control

Speakers: Julie Tropp, R.N. and Bree Tropp, Wellness Educator

This interactive clinic will help you gain knowledge on how to fuel your body properly for everyday nutrition and will touch on nutrition for training. It will focus on increasing your energy level and stamina, fueling your body for repair, building your immune system, reducing your exercise-induced oxidative stress, and reducing your risk of cancer and other diseases. Several gold standard research studies will be highlighted.

You will learn how to identify harmful ingredients in foods and practical tools for a healthier lifestyle. This clinic will also feature a way to add more fruits and vegetables to you and your family’s diet through a research-based whole food concentrate called Juice Plus+. We hope to see you there!