New workout programs show that pools can attract exercisers of all ages

The Washington Post, 9/2/10

Sean Stephens hasn’t told his friends he does water aerobics. “I guess until now,” the 36-year-old joked last week as we wiggled into the pool at LivingWell, the health club at the Washington Hilton. Only a few weeks ago, the runner and triathlete had never considered doing anything other than laps in the water. But a nagging knee injury persuaded him to take the plunge, and after 45 minutes of tuck jumps, sprints and breaststroke arms, he was ready to make it part of his weekly routine. “I actually got my heart rate up,” he says. That probably comes as no surprise to the senior women out there who tend to be water aerobics stalwarts. But they’re not the only ones who should be reaping the benefits of buoyancy and water resistance (12 times as great as that of air!), which provide an unparalleled environment for low-impact cardio and strength training.  Read More…


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