How to Swim a Faster 100 Free

The two keys to swimming faster with any stroke are decreasing the resistance of the body in the water and increasing propulsion of the body through the water. Decreasing resistance is always the first step; only when that is done should you work on increasing propulsion. You will get the greatest payoff by streamlining your body in the water –- be a salmon, not a hippo.

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Is It a Better Swimming Workout to Use Fins?

After goggles, fins are probably the most important accessory for swimmers. Their primary use is to help you do drills more effectively and efficiently. During drills, fins help with body positioning and they help you focus on efficient kicking. They also help increase leg strength and ankle flexibility. In other words, fins aren’t just there to make you go faster.

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Want to get into Duathlons? There are free training plans online

The duathlon is a run-bike-run combination, multisport race. Held as a standalone race or in conjunction with a triathlon, duathlons typically range from 50 to 200 competitors. Run-Bike-Run races are popular with athletes who may not be the best swimmers and in areas without easy access to beaches and where the weather isn’t always conducive to swimming. Luckily, if you would like to get started in duathlons or get better at racing them, there are many free training plans available.

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Registration is open for the 2014 Pleasant Prairie Junior Triathlons

Pleasant Prairie Junior Triathlon

Registration is now open for the 2014 Pleasant Prairie Junior Triathlons, on Saturday June 21 and Saturday August 9. The races take place the day before the Pleasant Prairie Triathlon (June 22) and the Iron Girl Pleasant Prairie Women’s Triathlon on August 10.

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