The Top Fitness Trends for 2016

The Top Fitness Trends for 2016

ACE, the American Council on Exercise, has come out with their annual list of the fitness trends expected to be big in 2016. Although aimed at fitness professionals, these trends will be of interest to anyone interested in health and fitness – and may be something to look for at your rec center or fitness facility.


Tough Mudder introduces a bit less tough race

The Tough Mudder adds a shorter, half distance race for 2016 – the Tough Mudder Half. 5 miles, 12+ obstacles, but no ice, fire, or electricity! Races in LA, Mesa AZ, Smithville TX, Doswell VA, and May 22 in the Chicago Area (Rockford airport).

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What Ultraman competitions do to the body

Researchers at FSU take first-ever look at the toll Ultraman endurance competitions take on the body. An Ultraman consists of a 6.2-mile open water swim, followed by a 90-mile bike ride on the first day, a 172-mile bike ride on the second day, and a double marathon — a 52.4-mile run – on the third day.

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Boulder Marathon director gives up races for seven years

Race director of the cancelled 2013 and 2014 Boulder Marathons agrees not to organize any races for 7 years. The Boulder District Attorney’s office is also seeking $200,000 from Boulder Marathon LLC to compensate runners for the two cancelled races, plus possible civil penalties.

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USA Triathlon USA announces their 2015 Junior Elite Series

USA Triathlon USA announces their 2015 Junior Elite Series races, leading to the Youth  Elite and Junior Elite National Championships on Aug 1. Races are set for May 3 in Richmond, VA, June 7 in Pleasant Prairie, WI, June 20 in Monroe, WA, & July 12 in West Des Moines, IA. These draft-legal races are open to ages 13-19.

USA Triathlon Retro Tri Series

The USA Triathlon Retro Tri Series features 12 beginner-friendly races across the country. The Retro Tri Series introduces new participants to the sport of triathlon, with events that focus more on camaraderie and fun, than on competition.

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