Trouble sleeping? Eat better

Dr Ronald Kotler explains what is involved in a sleep study, and the parameters that are measured such as breathing, oxygen, heart rate, and muscle tone, which help to determine any abnormalities that may have occurred during sleep.

Trouble sleeping? New research from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine shows how diet impacts sleep. Short Version: more fiber, less saturated fat, and less sugar.

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Is your Thanksgiving turkey hiding antibiotics and other drugs?

The Chicago-based advocacy group FACT (Food Animal Concerns Trust) has released a new report examining the use of antibiotics and two other drugs by top turkey producers in the U.S. Turkey is a holiday favorite and generally considered healthier than other meats, but some turkeys may contain antibiotics and other veterinary drugs that can help propagate superbugs, leave carcinogenic residues in the meat, and endanger animal health.

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