Reminder: Lake Andrea Open Water Swims

Reminder: Lake Andrea Open Water Swims tonight 6pm, Thursday 6pm, and Saturday 7am & 11am start from EAST side of lake, at Pleasant Prairie Triathlon start next to RecPlex parking lot. Pay fee inside RecPlex and bring receipt to beach. Swim is the Triathlon Sprint Course; but you may swim multiple loops as long as completed at 7pm.

How to Swim a Faster 100 Free

The two keys to swimming faster with any stroke are decreasing the resistance of the body in the water and increasing propulsion of the body through the water. Decreasing resistance is always the first step; only when that is done should you work on increasing propulsion. You will get the greatest payoff by streamlining your body in the water –- be a salmon, not a hippo.

How to Swim a Faster 100 Free. Article by Coach Ken on @HoustonChron Online. Read at:

Lake Andrea Cross-Lake Swims in Pleasant Prairie

Once again in 2013, the RecPlex in Pleasant Prairie, WI, will be holding a number of swims across Lake Andrea to prepare triathletes for their races. Swims will go across the lake to the “swim out” at the RecPlex parking lot, a distance of 1/2 mile. Those interested can swim back. All swims will be accompanied by a USAT Triathlon Coach and be supported in by lifeguards in kayaks.

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